Aeratron FR ceiling fan 109 cm white

Brand: Aeratron from
White FR ceiling fan with three blades, remote controll and forward and reverse modes FR is a ceiling fan which is particularly useful in modern living areas. The white colour and the shape are very contemporary together and the efficiency of the fan should also be emphasized, as well as the fact that it runs particularly quietly and smoothly and does not disturb the ambiance. In addition, FR is very efficient fan and consumes only a small amount of electricity. Features A remote control is included and can be used to set the speed to one of six available levels. The FR ceiling fan can also be used in both summer and winter as the direction of the blades can be changed for upward or downward ventilation. This is useful in winter, as the warm air from the ceiling area can be pushed into the room interior so that it feels warmer. This can also help to save heating costs. Technical data: Engine power: 4.4 W/5.6 W/8 W/10.7 W/13.9 W/16.9 W Rotations per minute:70/95/130/155/175/205 Maximum volumetric flow (Q): 143.19 m³/min Power consumption of the fan (P): 16.9 W Service value (SV): 0.4 (m³/min)/W (IEC60879:1986) Standby power consumption (PSB): 1.5 W Special features The FR ceiling fan is particularly quiet and energy efficient. It can also be used during the night as it produces very little noise.
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