E27 8 W 926 filament LED bulb clear

Brand: Segula from Lights.co.uk
E27 5.5 W LED traditional light bulb with the highest EEC A++ and filament technology With a very warm white colour luminous colour of 2,600 K and an all-round lighting of 360°, this LED lamp, which strongly resembles the traditional light bulb, creates a cosy light, which can be used both as primary lighting or accent lighting in moody settings. Particularly noteworthy is the filament technology, which allows sparkling light in "Diamond Optic Effect" and significant energy saving at the same time. Characteristics: - not dimmable - has a long lifetime of 20,000 hours - is particularly appealing in the catering or hospitality industry - allows an exchange against conventional light bulbs of up to 55 watts Energy efficiency class:A+
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