Exceptional GOCCIA PRISMA hanging light

Brand: Slamp from Lights.co.uk
GOCCIA PRISM decorative hanging light with lighting effects The decorative GOCCIA PRISM hanging light creates beautiful lighting effects in any room thanks to its special design. Through the use of modern light bulbs, light flows throughout the room and forms wonderful colour and shape effects. This light combines decoration, innovation, and functional lighting. The Lentiflex bulb acts like water and flowingly changes colour. The material Prisma Lentiflex® creates playful lighting effects. Designer Ziliani and the company, Slamp, have high standards in terms of material, quality, and workmanship. This has made it possible for them to create – with the decorative GOCCIA PRISM hanging light – an innovative designer piece that fills the room with wonderful lighting effects. The innovative Lentiflex light bulb is also characterised by being as fluid as water and distributing light with ease. This creates even and flowing lighting effects in the room. The decorative GOCCIA PRISM hanging light with its wonderful lighting effects is an interesting and artistic light fitting in any room. As a result, the GOCCIA PRISM light provides a cosy ambience wherever it is installed. The designer light can be easily mounted at any time. Energy efficiency class:A++
Only £198.90

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