Flashy LED ceiling light At

Brand: BOPP from Lights.co.uk
Striking ceiling light At made of white metal with a strong light output Its diameter of 70 cm and the unique design that is reminiscent of the important component of internet addresses, the @- sign, make the LED ceiling light At made of white metal an eye-catcher in every room and fascinates through its simplicity and its particularly good light output. One LED band with light radiating to the inside of the lamp has been installed in the delicate metal spiral; it has a fabulous light output of 5,030 lumens with a power consumption of 33 W. You can regulate the brightness of the homely warm white light with a luminous colour of 2,700 kelvins with an external dimmer (dimmer not included). The ceiling light At is a quality product from the company BOPP-Lights - a lighting manufacturer from the Odenwald that can look back on over 100 years experience in the light manufacturing and is known for its high-quality products. Energy efficiency class:A+
Only £647.90

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