GRIMMEISEN Onyxx air Free Senso Plus HCL 110W

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Onyxx air Free Senso Plus LED floor lamp - an office floor lamp with a sensor and variable luminous colour A daylight sensor and a presence sensor have been built into the Onyxx air Free Senso Plus LED floor lamp so that the light turns on automatically. The LED floor lamp is made in Germany and besides turning on automatically it has additional advantages which guarantee modern office lighting. It is equipped with the ONA Light Guide technology, which ensures that work stations are lit up very homogeneously, evenly and without glare. Optimal lighting can be achieved due to the HCL function. The human body needs what it has received over hundreds of thousands of years from natural sunlight - a light with a high blue content in the morning and a decreasing blue content in the evening and different light intensities during the day. The HCL function allows you to programme the light, which radiates indirectly upwards, via a timer module to provide different luminous colours and intensities during the day, giving you automatic colour progression throughout the day. This ensures that we are active and efficient during the day and that we can relax at night. Supporting the chronobiological rhythm with lighting similar to sunlight increases work safety, reduces stress levels, improves our mood and makes us feel better and fitter. This means that it also has a positive impact on collaboration and the effectiveness of our work. The high-quality LED floor lamp is made of glass bead-blasted and naturally anodised aluminium, whilst the ultra-flat base is made of painted steel (silver, RAL 9006). It is provides reduced-glare light in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1 and has a UGR of Energy efficiency class:A+
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