Glossy chrome LED pendant light Brindis

Brand: Pujol from
Innovative LED pendant light Brindis with an elegant look The unusual LED pendant light Brindis impresses with its original appearance, which reminds of an upside-down champagne glass. The modern metal lamp, with a chrome finish, attracts attention with its great appearance, but it is more than a decorative accessory. Brindis emits a comfortable, warm white light and contributes to a pleasant atmosphere. The high-quality pendant light will enhance all tastefully furnished rooms and is also ideal for the catering industry. The beautiful light is a total of 20 cm in height; the suspension system is at a height of 140 cm. Brindis is made by Pujol Iluminación, which, as is known, uses only the finest raw materials and the most innovative technology. The result is exclusive, minimalist and modern lights, which are mainly used in stylish private rooms. Pujol Iluminación has existed since 1978 and is now available in various of countries around the world. Energy efficiency class:A+
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