KARE Parecchi Art House floor lamp

Brand: Kare from Lights.co.uk
Wonderful floor lamp Parecchi Art House with five different lampshades The frame of the Parecchi Art House is slightly reminiscent of a shelf, and the floor lamp does not appear exactly ordinary in other respects either. Instead of one lampshade, it has five, none of which are alike; all of them are different. They differ not only in terms of their shape, but also in terms of their material and colour. One lampshade is made of rattan, another from bamboo sticks, whilst the two fabric lampshades differ from one another, but both have a truly classic appearance. Finally, the floor lamp is adorned by a lampshade with clear plastic hanging elements, creating a slight sparkling effect. It is quickly clear that different materials and designs also provide a different light. And this is precisely what gives Parecchi Art House its appeal when it is turned on: sometimes it sparkles, sometimes the light is warm, even and cosy, and then it seems to be characterised by a play of light and shadow again. A floor lamp, which might sometimes seem boring to the beholder, but one which is guaranteed to keep surprising you. A splendid eye-catcher for the living area. Energy efficiency class:A++
Only £466.90

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