SUN 4 sensor LED stainless steel light 13 W

Brand: Akzentlicht from
SUN 4 - ultra slim stainless steel light with sensor The SUN 4 LED light is made of stainless steel and has a captivating slim and modern design. Light radiates not only downwards, through the diffuser made of shock-resistant polycarbonate, but also outwards, forming a subtle light strip on the ceiling or the wall. Proving itself to be particularly practical, the integrated sensor automatically switches the light on. This ceiling or wall light is thus perfectly suited for use in hallways. The assembly and maintenance of this light is especially uncomplicated as no tools are needed. The light is made of stainless steel and ABS and comes with a self-extinguishing, shock-resistant diffuser made of polycarbonate as well as two cable inlets/outlets for wiring in series. It is suitable for a temperature range of -15 to +45 °C but should not be used outdoors. Energy efficiency class:A+
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