UMAGE Silvia Mini hanging lamp bronze white 32cm

Brand: UMAGE from
Exciting pendant Silvia with organic structures Special shape and unusual colour: The pendant lamp Silvia inspires at first sight. Deliberately and in a clear structure mounted on top of each other is a multitude of organic-looking, triangular leaves made of unbreakable plastic. These are covered with a bronze finish that lets warmth and well-being resonate. The overlapping concept creates fascinating shadows. When switched on, the light passes between the leaves into the room and creates exciting light accents. The pendant lamp is equally well suited as accent and ambient lighting and adds a decorative touch to any modern room with its elegant and unique appearance. Suspended from a white ceiling canopy, the bronze-coloured luminaire is clearly emphasised and brought to the fore in its friendly bright appearance. The combination of colours speaks a clear and inviting language. Like many other modern lights, this light was created with sustainability and functionality in the workshop of the Danish design light manufacturer UMAGE. Special attention is paid to aesthetics, craftsmanship and the embodiment of Scandinavian beauty and the associated attitude to life. Thus, over the course of time, classics have been created again and again which make up this company. Energy efficiency class:A++
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