1300w 254mm Infrared Ruby Heat Lamp R7s

Brand: Prolite from LampShopOnline Ltd
This is a 1300w 254mm Infrared Ruby Heat Lamp with a R7s cap from Prolite. Designed for use within infrared heaters and drying applications. Halogen heater lamps are for catering applications and are commonly used in restaurants, brasseries and cafe's to keep prepared food warm before serving. As with all linear halogen lamps, while installing the lamp it's important not to touch the glass part of the lamp with bare skin as the natural oils from your skin can cause the lamp to fail prematurely. If you do touch the lamp, then you should use alcohol to remove the oils from the glass. General Characteristics: Wattage [W]: 1300w Voltage [V]: 240v Shade: Ruby Length: 254mm
Only £12.12

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