Gas units to kWh converter

How to Convert Gas Meter Reading to kwh?
Easy just enter the number of units used and click the meter type:

What type of meter have you got?

Have you ever wondered while looking at your Gas bill your meter reading usage does not relate to the kWh you've used that month?

This is because Gas meters measure in cubic metres m3 also know as metric or cubic feet m3 also known as Imperial, usually the type of meter you have will have a (m3) or (ft3) label on it.

Most new meters are m³ and if you have a old meter it most probably be a ft³, but either way no problem you can use the calculator to convert the meter reading to kWh just by entering the units used and by clicking the meter type.

The calculator uses the following conversion parameters to convert Gas Units to Kwh

Calorific value of 37 Correction factor of (1.02264)kWh Conversion factor (3.6)

Formula used to calculate converting a metric gas meter.

Cubic meters (m3) Units Used x Calorific value x Correction Factor (1.02264) ÷ kWh Conversion Factor (3.6) = kWh.Formula

Formula used to converting an imperial gas meter.

Cubic meters (m3)Used x 100 x Calorific value x Correction Factor (1.02264) ÷ kWh Conversion Factor (3.6) = kWh.