2 3KG White Himalayan Salt Lamp

Brand: Glow.co.uk from Glow.co.uk
Generally found in the outer parts of the salt mine, white Himalayan mineral salt has a low iron content and is free from impurities making white Himalayan Salt Lamps rare and much more sought after than their more colourful counterparts. Naturally occurring in mines based at the foot of the Himalaya's, white Himalayan mineral salt has all of the same benefits as pink Himalayan salt, including health benefits such as increased serotonin, stress relief, sleep regulation and a boost in energy all thanks to the naturally ionising effects of this stylish table lamp. With beautiful naturally occurring shapes and textures, the white salt crystals shine with a gentle warm white glow for soothing, relaxing home lighting. Rare white Himalayan salt lampFree from impurities and iron oxideNatural ioniser; releases negative ions when warmed to cleanse the air in your homeHealth benefits include: increased serotonin, relieve stress, boosts energy, regulates sleep, reduces electro smog, maintains libido, reduces symptoms of asthma and allergiesApprox size: 20cm (H) x 12cm (diameter)Weight: 2 - 3kgWooden baseLit by PYGMY 15 Watt E14 bulb (included)Mains operated with inline switchHandmade in Pakistan
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