ACR Neo 3FG Balanced Flue Gas Stove

Brand: ACR from Direct Stoves
The ACR Neo is a top of the range Balanced Flue Gas Fire, with it's realistic Ceramic Logs have been chosen to ensure they not only give a most impressive flame effect when lit, they also look authentic when the stove isn't being operated which is coupled with the 3 windows of the Neo to give you the best view of the fire from all angles. This stove comes with a Remote Control as standard allows you to turn the stove on, up & down, thermostatic operation and a range of other applications including a child-lock for safety. You can upgrade to the optional MyFire package for your stove allowing you to operate the stove from your smart phone or tablet with the handy app. You can further enhance the flame effect with the addition of the optional LED light system which will add an authentic glow to the base of the fire. The stove comes with 3 Flue options: 1. Vertical out of the top of the stove, ending Horizontally through the wall. 2. Horizontal rear exit from the stove ending with a vertical snorkel on the outside of the building. 3. Vertical out of the top of the stove going through an existing chimney & liner.
Only £2760.00

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