Aeratron AE2 ceiling fan 126 cm silver

Brand: Aeratron from
Two bladed AE2+ ceiling fan in silver, controllable by remote control, for possible use in summer and winter AE2+ is a ceiling fan for the modern living area, equipped with two blades and a silver finish. The whole design looks very minimalist and the form also ensures that the light runs efficiently as well as particularly smoothly and quietly so that you don't feel disturbed at any time. Features The remote control provided allows you to control the rotation speed of the blades at six levels. In addition, the fan is available for both summer and winter use. This is done by changing the direction of the rotation. In winter, the warm air is efficiently directed downward and you can save heating costs because the air is perceived to be warmer at the same heat output. Technical data: Engine power: 4 W/5.4 W/7.1 W/9.1 W/11.8 W/16.2 W Rotations per minute:55/85/110/130/155/185 Maximum volumetric flow (Q): 200.33 m³/min Power consumption of the fan (P): 16.2 W Service value (SV): 0.4 (m³/min)/W (IEC60879:1986) Standby power consumption (PSB): 1.5 W Special features The AE2+ ceiling fan with its two blades runs particularly smoothly and quietly and can therefore be used at night.
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