Aeratron AE3 ceiling fan 126 cm white

Brand: Aeratron from
White AE3+ ceiling fan with three blades and remote control, usable in summer and winter The AE3+ is undoubtedly one of the most modern ceiling fans with its minimalist, almost organic design. The plastic surface is all in white, creating an even more harmonious expression, and AE3+ is well integrated into many rooms. The special form not only gives it an appealing design but also ensures that it runs quietly and smoothly with efficient power consumption. Features A practical RF remote control is included and can be used to set one of the six available speed levels as well as to switch the fan on and off. It is also possible to use AE3+ in both summer and winter. A reverse mode can be set in winter so that the warm air normally located under the ceiling is forced back into the interior of the room. This option also offers a slight reduction in the cost of heating, because the people present feel that the air is warmer at the same heating capacity. Technical data: Engine power: 4.2 W/6.5 W/7.7 W/9.9 W/12.6 W/15.7 W Rotations per minute:50/80/105/125/145/165 Maximum volumetric flow (Q): 199.4 m³/min Power consumption of the fan (P): 15.7 W Service value (SV): 0.4 (m³/min)/W (IEC60879:1986) Standby power consumption (PSB): 1.5 W Special features The white AE3+ ceiling fanruns absolutely smoothly and is so quiet that it can be used at night without being noticed.
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