Aeratron FR ceiling fan 126 cm black

Brand: Aeratron from
Black FR ceiling fan with three blades and summer and winter modes The fan is made of plastic with a black finish and has three blades. Overall, FR embodies a very modern, minimalist appearance and is also a very efficient ceiling fan. The fact that it runs so quietly and smoothly is also impressive and makes it a very convenient fan. Features Six speeds are available, which can be selected via the remote control. FR not only has a forward mode but also a reverse mode. This means that the ceiling fan will continue to provide good service in the winter, as the warm air that accumulates near the ceiling, according to physical rules, can be redirected into the room, so that the temperature is perceived to be warmer at the same heating capacity. This certainly provides the option of saving energy costs in this way. Technical data: Engine power: 4.3 W/6.4 W/10.5 W/13.5 W/16.7 W/20.5 W Rotations per minute:55/60/90/140/160/180 Maximum volumetric flow (Q): 188.56 m³/min Power consumption of the fan (P): 20.5 W Service value (SV): 0.4 (m³/min)/W (IEC60879:1986) Standby power consumption (PSB): 1.5 W Special features FR is a ceiling fan that is very smooth running and quiet and therefore can walk well at night without disturbing.
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