Anglepoise Type 75 Maxi pendant lamp velvety black

Brand: Anglepoise from
Type 75 Maxi Pendant lamp - design: Sir Kenneth Grange The Type 75 Maxi pendant lamp, which was designed by the English industrial designer Sir Kenneth Grange, captivates people with a stylistically light industrial touch. Whether it is placed individually, e.g. over a table, or in a row over a kitchen counter or a bar in a restaurant, Type 75 Maxi always provides attractive general or area lighting. For a better light reflection, the inside of the lampshade is painted white. Even before joining Anglepoise® as the Design Director in 2003, Grange had already made a name for himself. He created a number of everyday products for well-known manufacturers, e.g. writing implements for Parker, cameras for Kodak or razors for Wilkinson. He is also responsible for the external design of the British InterCity 125. His Adshel bench can be seen at a number of bus stops and in parks. The all-rounder, who has also worked as a draughtsman for architectural practices, founded Pentagram in 1972 with four other designers. It is now the largest consultancy company for artists and designers. Energy efficiency class:A++
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