Bosch LP30M011 General Purpose Saw Blade 180 X 30 X 24T

Brand: Bosch from UK Tool Centre
Key Features Super Micrograin Carbide Tips with Titanium: For maximum sharpness and durability. Laser Cut blades: Providing a thinner harder saw blade that cuts faster and cleaner. Whisper Quiet Laser Cut Expansion Slots: Preventing blade warp for a cleaner cut. Anti-Kickback Design: Reduces kickback from feeding the saw too quickly. Precision Tensioning: For superior blade flatness. Advanced Tri-Metal Brazing: Allows carbide tips to withstand extreme impact for maximum durability. Teflon Coated: Better performance with low heat, less corrosion and reduced resin build up. Specificaiton Blade Diameter: 180mm Blade Bore: 30mm Tooth Count: 24T Kerf Thickness: 2.4mm Type : General Purpose Saw Blade Suitable For Use On Soft Wood Hard Wood Long Grain and Cross Grain Cutting
Only £15.49

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