Burley Bosworth 12kW Wood Burning Stove

Brand: Burley from Direct Stoves
The new Burley Bosworth 12kW wood stove is the largest in the Firecube range, This big wood burner has a maximum output of 18.3kW and a heat efficiency of 84.1%, enough to keep the largest rooms toasty warm. Like the other Firecube stoves in the range, the Bosworth uses Burley's Vortex system to make the most of every kilo of fuel and the super efficient 4-stage burning process minimises cleaning time by reducing 100kg of logs to just a pint glass amount of ash. An optional base stand and a number of external air kits are available for the Bosworth, ask our sales team when ordering your Burley stove. The Burley Bosworth is a showroom exclusive model please call 0161 376 4191 to order or for more information.
Only £1550.00

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