Charnwood C Five BLU Ecodesign Ready Wood Burning Stove

Brand: Charnwood Stoves from Direct Stoves
The New Charnwood C-Five BLU Ecodesign ready stove releases fewer emissions, fewer particulates and has a beautiful flame pattern when burning wood. Futureproof your home with a stove that already exceeds the 2022 Lot 20 directives. The C-Five Blu is a woodburning stove featuring one single air control for exceptional clean burning and outstanding efficiency. The Stove is DEFRA Approved allowing wood to be burnt in smoke controlled areas. The C-Five also features an outlet for drawing air in externally. This improves performance and efficiency. Choice of Finish Designed and Built in England 10 Year Guarantee Approved for use in smoke control zones Why not choose a logstore which not only gives a handy place to store extra logs before burning but raises the height of the stove to an imposing 745mm. This Charnwood C-Five Ecodesign Stove has an 80mm external air spigot for use in modern airtight homes. Suitable vents and ducting are readily available from all good DIY stores.
Only £1092.00

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