Crompton Lamps Fluorescent 3ft T8 Tube 30W Triphosphor Daylight F30W 865

Brand: Crompton Lamps from Lightbulbs Direct
F30W/865 fluorescent T8 tube 3ft Triphosphor light bulb - 6500K DaylightTube length: 3ft - 895mm (910mm with pins)Fitted with a standard sized G13 2-pin (13mm apart) caps to both ends.This triphosphor fluorescent tube provides a superior quality of light, with greater energy efficiency and a longer life. Unlike a standard tube, triphosphor tubes retain their high quality of output throughout their lifetime. With uniformly good colour rendering illuminating objects in their natural light, these tubes are ideal for shop lighting, as well as for high-quality lighting in the office and home.Rated lifetime of 15,000 hours (That's around 10 years of light, based on average use of 4 hours per day).NB - This replaces the older, less efficient Halophosphate tube.For maximum performance and efficiency from your new fluorescent tube, we recommend you replace the fluorescent starter at the same time.
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