Crompton Lamps LED DET Strip 3 5W Warm White SCCS15 5624

Brand: Crompton Lamps from Simply LED
Crompton 221mm 3.5W Doubled Ended Tubular LED Lamp SCC-S15 This energy efficient LED tubular lamp is designed to replace older halogen and fluorescent lights, and is ideal for illuminating cupboards, cabinets and bathroom mirrors. It emits 300 lumens of warm white 2700K light, which is softened by the bulb's opal finish. Unlike fluorescent tubes, this LED tube contains no hazardous materials such as mercury, and its long 15,000 life is many times that of the bulbs it is designed to replace, meaning it will not need replacing again for years. Features 3.5W tubular LED 30W equivalent Double-ended SCC-S15 caps 221m length 2700K warm white 300 lumens 15,000 hour life Instant full light Not suitable for dimming
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