Crompton Lamps LED Golfball 5 5W E27 Dimmable Cool White Opal 40W Eqv

Brand: Crompton Lamps from Lightbulbs Direct
Named for their close resemblance to a golfball (round), these dimmable round LED light bulbs are designed as a direct retrofit replacement for your inefficient and old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs.They consume just 5.5W of power but produce light of an equal intensity and brightness to that of a 40W filament light bulb, representing a substantial saving both in terms of energy and financial cost. Combine this notable efficiency with the savings gleaned from superior longevity and negligible maintenance/replacement costs, and each light bulb has the potential to reduce your lighting bill by up to 90%.Even though the heat produced by LED light bulbs is minimal when compared to incandescent versions, each of these golfball (round) LEDs sports a lightweight thermal plastic shell that is specifically designed to dissipate heat more effectively than existing materials. This reduces the light bulb's running temperature and places less strain on its components, thereby extending its lifetime yet further.Suitable for dimming. Recommended for Indoor lighting use only. Features a commonly used ES-E27 Edison screw (27mm) cap/base.
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