DYSON Air Multiplier AM10 Portable Humidifier White

Brand: Dyson from Currys PC World
Hydrate air for a healthier environment with the Dyson Air Multiplier AM10 Portable Humidifier in white and silver.Take advantage of ultraviolet light technology with the AM10. Every drop of water is exposed, killing 99.9% of bacteria before the mist is released - leaving you with cleaner, purer air.This Dyson model creates a comfortable, fresh environment by measuring the temperature and humidity and adjusts accordingly.First to meet the asthma and allergy friendly standard, this humidifier uses Air Multiplier technology to project hygienic, humidified air evenly and at speed into your room.The AM10 can be used all year round. Thanks to its dual function, this portable unit delivers even humidification in the winter and high-velocity air in the summer.Complete with an auto-shut off function for peace of mind, the Dyson Air Multiplier AM10 Portable Humidifier is easy to control thanks to a remote control, and delightfully quiet for a great night's sleep.
Only £499.00

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