Decorative pink Petit Fleur ceiling light

Brand: Waldi-Leuchten from
An unusually pretty ceiling light for a children's room The Petit Fleur ceiling light is colourful in its design and is equipped with a 15 W energy saving lamp. The individual lights can be combined together as required so that the impression of an imposing sea of flowers is created. The combination of flowers made of painted wood and beech wood elements strengthens the natural effect of Petit Fleur. These children's lights are made in Germany. The manufacturer can look back on more than a quarter of a century's experience in this sector and their lights are characterised by careful handcrafted workmanship. Wood, high-quality fabrics and cadmium-free plastics are the materials used and the choice of colours ensures that they are child-friendly. An exhaustive testing method ensures the continual high quality of the children's bedroom lights and the design team is always looking for ideas as to how you can attractively and lovingly implement a design suitable for children. Energy efficiency class:A++
Only £65.90

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