Exclusive LED wall light Counterbalance black

Brand: Luceplan from Lights.co.uk
Recessed LED wall light Counterbalance with interesting counter-balance design The name of this LED wall light is indicative of its special counter-balancing feature. Counterbalance is therefore not at all what you would expect from an ordinary wall light, but a decorative object with its own individual flair. The lampshade made of painted aluminium is spot-shaped and compact. The highlight, however, is the striking, two-meter wide frame, which offers maximum flexibility. This flexibility is ensured by the fact that the frame can be swivelled sideways by up to 180° (from one wall to another) and is also adjustable in height. This is due to the counter-balancing feature which gives this light its name. The LED wall light can be adjusted upwards by up to 75° and downwards up to 70°. The mounting height must be determined based on how much space there is available so that the height-adjustable feature of this light can be used optimally. Even the compact lampshade can be rotated to easily provide indirect lighting. With all this to say about the external technology, it's important not to forget the internal lighting technology. The integrated LEDs light up in a comfortable, warm white and provide a good energy efficiency class. In short, they give a lot of light for very little electricity. Energy efficiency class:A+
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