Explorer WiZ LED outdoor spotlight

Brand: Eco-Light from Lights.co.uk
Explorer LED outdoor wall spotlight can be controlled via an app or a voice assistant Smart and modern lighting control is also possible for outdoor lighting. The small Explorer outdoor spotlight comes with WiZ technology that makes it possible to control the light using WiFi and an encrypted cloud connection, via an app or a voice assistant. All that you need for this is your home network and the free app that is available for Android and iOS. After a successful connection, it is easy to turn on and manage the Explorer LED outdoor wall spotlight from your smartphone. As well as seamless dimming, you can adjust the colour temperature of the outdoor spotlight or create time settings. Pre-set, dynamic lighting modes, such as sunset, ocean or fireplace, are also easy to access with just a tap of your finger or a voice command. Features / compatibility: - Can be controlled by the WiZ app, the light switch, a WiZ remote control (see accessories) or via voice control (Amazon Alexa, Siri or Google Home) - Can be dimmed without an additional installation - Creating lighting schedules or groups of lights - Creating dynamic lighting programs from 16 million colours - Changing the colour temperature (64,000 shades of white possible) - Remote WiFi access using an encrypted cloud connection (no bridge or hub required) Energy efficiency class:A+
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