Fiorella floor lamp with floral elements

Brand: Slamp from
The Fiorella floor lamp creates a varied interplay between light and shadow Flowers and twigs of Opalflex® and Cristalflex® form the floral Fiorella hanging light. The material Opalflex® is a combination of high quality plastic and glass crystal. It is recyclable and creates a light output fantastic as that of crystal. One of the advantages of Opalflex® is that it does not break and is very flexible in its processing. The light gains an extra shine thanks to the new transparent material Cristalflex®, which is reminiscent of glass. Visionary designer lights made in Italy - Slamp The Italian designer lighting company Slamp, based in Rome, was founded in the early 1990s by Roberto Ziliani. Ziliani was already working in design when he finally discovered his passion for discovering the possibilities of light. The highest demands in terms of materials, workmanship and quality At Slamp, special emphasis is placed on the development of innovative materials. In addition to natural and traditional materials such as leather, copper, crystal, or stainless steel, Slamp therefore works with exclusive and specially patented materials such as Cristalflex®, Opalflex®, and Lentiflex®. Unique lighting effects can be achieved with these materials. For example, Lentiflex® resembles water that changes colour depending on the viewing angle. These materials, which were developed in-house at Slamp, and the resulting lights clearly express Slamp’s strengths. These include, amongst other things, a high degree of innovation, creativity, and originality, as well as a great sense of the effect of light. Energy efficiency class:A++
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