Fuelsell Wood Fuel Starter Pack

Brand: Fuelsell from Machine Mart
A handy starter bundle to get a mix of suitable fuels for your stove, so you can find the right mix of fuel for you.This pack contains:5 x 12kg Hardwood Logs5 x 15kg Eco Logs2 x 4kg Kindling These Kiln dried logs provide the ultimate clean burn with maximum heat output and are a cleaner insect-free firewood. These Kiln dried Logs burn so hot you'll use less to achieve the same output from seasoned logs, so by swapping to kiln dried logs you'll save a lot of money in the long run. For every one kiln dried log you’d need at least three normal wood logs to achieve the same heat output. The higher temperatures generated by kiln dried logs mean that everything is burnt, even the gasses released by the wood. These logs have no additional drying time, meaning that kiln dried logs are much cleaner and can be stored anywhere, indoors or out. The bright flame and aromatic smell produced makes kiln dried logs much more aesthetically pleasing, creating that real fire ambience, whilst your fire will burn cleaner and hotter with kiln dried logs with less spitting and sizzling making it much safer for you and better for your chimney. The Four main advantages to dry logs are: Improved storage capability (no mould or degrading) Increase in energy density (calorific value) Decrease in transport weight Reduction in ash and emissions Eco-Logs are an all-wood product that is simply clean, dry sawdust shavings that have been mechanically compressed to form a solid briquette. Eco-Logs are an advanced product that can be safely used as a concentrated fuel source in all wood burning heaters and combustion stoves. As there are no chemicals, additives or binders used to hold the logs together, they can also be used as barbeque or chiminea fuel. Eco-Logs contain very little moisture to give a very high-energy fire in any situation.The kindling is an environmentally-friendly product and comes from renewable sources to make use of timber that would otherwise go to landfill. There's no messing around getting your open fire or wood burning stove alight and roaring when you use pre-packed kindling. Cut to an ideal, uniform size by specialist machinery, this kindling is packed into easy-to-handle polythene bags. The wood is thoroughly dried, clean, and easy to light your fire with.Woodsure is a new accreditation scheme for assessing the quality and suitability of wood/logs fuel. Woodsure accredited logs assure customers that the logs fuel they are purchasing fulfils the appropriate specification for their equipment and that the supplier has procedures in place to check that the log fuel is consistently manufactured to these standards. Woodsure uses an ongoing assessment regime, ensuring that each accredited supplier is regularly visited and evaluated, thus maintaining a consistently high standard of log fuels.Stove Fuel frequently asked questions
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