Go Eco 5kW Eco Design Ready Multifuel Stove

Brand: Charlton & Jenrick from Direct Stoves
The Go Eco 5kW boasts an efficiency rating of 80% and features a highly effective air wash system to keep the window clear of soot so your view of the flickering fire inside will not be obstructed. This stove is also DEFRA approved for use in smoke controlled zones, along with it's DEFRA approval this stove is SIA Ecodesign ready meaning this stove is already meeting the European restrictions on the emmisions of wood burning stoves that're coming in for 2022. With it being SIA Ecodesign ready this stove is eligable for our stove scrappage scheme. Heat ouput of 5kW Energy efficiency of 80% DEFRA approved for use in smoke controlled zones SIA Ecodesign ready Eligable in our stove scrappage scheme
Only £599.00

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