IRWIN Marples Mitre Circular Saw Blade 216 x 30mm x 24T ATB Neg

Brand: IRWIN® from UK Tool Centre
Irwin Marples Precision Circular Saw Blade with extra sharp, oversized carbide teeth that are larger and tougher than standard carbide teeth for up to 3 times longer life. The teeth can also be re-sharpened. It has a laser cut body for straighter, cleaner cuts. Precision tensioning provides greater accuracy. The special PTFE coating with aluminium flakes helps to dissipate heat for smooth, cool cuts. Alternate Top Bevel tooth grind (ATB) for cross-cutting and ripping in all woods. Ideal for cutting hardwoods, softwoods, plywood, delicate molding, composite materials and pressure treated timber. Suitable for mitre saws. Negative rake.
Only £51.71

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