Ingo Maurer 24 Karat Blau floor lamp red rods

Brand: Ingo Maurer from
24 Karat Blau - designer floor lamp with a blue and gold lighting effect The 24 Carat Blue floor lamp is not only a masterpiece for lighting design, rather also for its physical appearance because this light source makes use of an impressive law of natural science in order to create a fascinating light spectacle. Eight handmade acrylic panels attached to crossbars form the lampshade of this very extraordinary light. 24 carat gold leaf is then poured into the plates and thinly beaten to 1/10,000 mm. This enables short-wave blue light to shine through between the molecules, while yellow-golden light is reflected inwards and immerses the lampshade in a golden light glow. The acrylic panels are respectively arranged on two levels one above the other in the square and form an abstract-looking construction. Every panel is provided with four drill holes - one on each side. The position of the panels on the metal cross can therefore be varied at will - sometimes straight, sometimes vertical or even contrary to any symmetrical form at a preferred angle to each other. Ingo Maurer is considered to be one of the most internationally renowned lighting designers and made a name for himself early on as a poet of light. As a lover and admirer of the traditional light bulb, he has therefore dedicated numerous creations to it. Some of his light objects are also exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Energy efficiency class:C
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