LightwaveRF Home Thermostat

Brand: LightwaveRF from BT Shop
**LW921 (GENERATION 1 AND 2) Home Thermostat** Revel in the glow of a warm home. Our smart app allows you to adjust individual room temperatures from wherever you are and intelligent schedules. Our smart wireless thermostat enables you to monitor, schedule and control your heating from anywhere via your smartphone. It is designed to work in combination with the Lightwave Boiler Switch. **Wireless Central Heating Thermostat** Control the temperature in your home from anywhere at any time with our smart wireless Home Thermostat and the Lightwave App. **Smart control** Link the wireless Lightwave Home Thermostat with the Lightwave App and you’ll be able to schedule, monitor and control the temperature in your home in real time and from anywhere using your smartphone. **How it works** The Lightwave Home Thermostat is designed to work alongside the Boiler Switch to control and schedule the boiler. **Remote thermostat** The Home Thermostat works with Lightwave Link or the Link Plus and Lightwave App giving you instant or scheduled control of your heating from anywhere. **Product Specifications** Generation 2 device Requires Link Plus and Link Plus App for operation Compatibility Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT DIY retrofit All Lightwave devices are safe and legal to DIY retrofit in your own home
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