Lucande Myron LED hanging light with touch dimmer

Brand: Lucande from
Narrow Myron LED linear pendant light with a modern aluminium surface, an adjustable luminous colour and a touch dimmer You may not realise it at first glance, but Myron is a pendant light with various very useful qualities. Its most striking feature is probably its height-adjustability as the two rise-and-fall elements in the suspension system are clearly visible. With their help, you can adjust the height between 110 cm to 210 cm. In addition, there is a touch dimmer attached to the light, allowing you to seamlessly adjust the light output. This means that you can set either a bright light for working or a dimmed light for a romantic candlelit dinner. Another fantastic feature is the possibility of adjusting the luminous colour in three levels: cool white or daylight white light for working and warm white light for the cosier hours of the day. When the light has been turned off for an extended period, it always turns on with a warm white light and the full light output. In terms of its appearance, the linear pendant light scores points with a narrow, almost delicate design with an angular shape, whilst the surface has a cool, elegant aluminium colour. Energy efficiency class:A
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