Luceplan Mesh pendant lamp 100 cm wireless 1m

Brand: Luceplan from
Mesh Wireless LED pendant lamp for spectacular lighting scenarios With the Mesh Wireless LED pendant light, the Argentina-born designer Francisco Gomez Paz, who now lives in Milan, has created a light source which boasts an extraordinary appearance. From a simple canopy, a mesh of interlinked cables hangs into the room; where these intersect, there are numerous polycarbonate lenses with built-in LEDs. A free app for Android allows you to create lighting compositions which produce a fantastically attractive ambience. Individual LEDs or groups can be controlled and the light can shine at full strength or be dimmed. This means that the light always looks different and can be used to embellish a wide variety of living areas. Francisco Gomez Paz primarily works in product development and communication design. He has already achieved international recognition for various designs - LG Competition Korea (1999), ID Magazine Annual Design Review (2000), first place in the BMW/Domus competition "A key for Future mobile solutions" (2001), as well as being nominated for the Design Report Award. Energy efficiency class:A
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