Machine Mart 6 Flexiwall Flexible Flue Liner per metre

Flexiwall flexible chimney liner is a Multi fuel system used to line an existing brick or masonry stack.Flexiwall chimney liners are stainless steel twin-lined grade 1 quality. The liners are designed to withstand high temperatures and corrosion.The flexibility of Flexiwall allows it to be handled and installed simply and easily whilst avoiding any damage to the inside of the liner. When installing the chimney liner, please note that the arrows marked on the liner need to face up the chimney, indicating the direction of the flue gases. Incorrect installation can result in a faster build-up of soot deposits and a greater chance of a chimney fire. The inner wall is of smooth bore construction giving extremely low resistance to the flue gas flow. The outer wall has a convoluted profile with a crimp and locked seam. The two walls are seamed together throughout the length to ensure its stability and integrity.
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