Machine Mart Thermometer for Stove Pipe

Brand: Machine Mart from Machine Mart
This thermometer is the must have item for your stoves, ovens or pipes. This simple yet effective device allows you to keep your heat at the perfect temperature at all times, which is important not only for your own comfort, but also for extending the lifespan of your stove. If the temperature is too low, creosote deposits will build up and if the temperature is too high, your stove will have a poor efficiency, so it is important to be able to find out the temperature and manage it easily. Unlike a lot of other forms of heating, a wood burning or multifuel stove has no readout to allow you to see what temperature your appliance is running at. This may not seem like an issue at first, however, having no way to determine how hot your stove is running could mean you are wasting fuel by over firing your stove, and more alarmingly, it could decrease the lifespan of your stove! 475° and higher: Wasting energy, possibly overheating while this temperature will often be reached on initial firing, not advised for normal operation and could ignite existing chimney deposits. 230°F to 475°F: Safe operating temperature. Complete combustion and best efficiency. Less than 230°F: Temperature too low and there will be incomplete combustion, causing smoke, soot, and hazardous creosote. Open draught and/or add more fuel.
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