next Drop 2 XS Single pendant light with canopy

Brand: Next from
Designer pendant light Drop_2 XS Single with LEDs Hopf & Wortmann is the design office which is responsible for the design for the pendant light Drop_2 XS Single. Drop_2 is a model from the Liquid_Light series of lights, which reveals its design in its descriptive name. Liquid_Light is a series which represents the symbiosis of water and light. The lampshade or body of these lights is made of milky white polyethylene and is designed in the shape of a teardrop. This teardrop-shaped lampshade completely surrounds the light bulb, so that the light shines without glare and is scattered softly at the same time. If you install several Drop_2 lights, for example over a dining table or a counter, the illusion that water drops are dripping from the ceiling will be created. The designer lights are made by the Cologne-based manufacturer next, which manufactures its products on-site in its own production facilities so that all the next lights bear the quality seal “made in Germany”. Energy efficiency class:A+
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