OMLED One s3 flat OLED pendant light black

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Flat OMLED One s3 OLED pendant light – made in Germany Filigree wires serve as the current-carrying suspension system for the OMLED One s3 pendant light to create the impression of a floating light surface in the room. The clear, glare-free light is free from UV and IR rays and perfect for stimulating discussions in a pleasant atmosphere. The OMLED s3 OLED hanging light is fully made in Germany and is largely made from glass. Glass is one of the oldest materials known to man and has been in use for millennia. Glass is the perfect material to act as the carrier of the light: It has an almost unlimited service life, is exceptionally versatile, and is made from natural raw materials that are in limitless supply. With the integrated control element, the glass takes on the role of a circuit board. Environmentally friendly and sustainable production is made possible as a result. OMLED One is the first range of lights in the world to be fitted with OLEDs. These groundbreaking “organic light-emitting diodes” combine many ecological and economic benefits. The bulb consists of thin layers of organic semi-conductive materials, which sit between two conductive layers. The organic layer emits the light so long as the current flows. The glass housing serves as both the circuit board and the operating element. This is owed to a new procedure, which has been developed and patented in Germany, and sees tracks, electronic components, contacts and a switch to dim the light all placed on the high-quality white glass. The housing of the flat OMLED One s2 hanging light is made from glass and serves as the circuit board and the heat sink. The upper pane is the circuit board. Energy efficiency class:A
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