Opus Calypso 8 3kW Wood Burning Boiler Stove

Brand: Opus Stoves from Direct Stoves
The Opus Calypso Boiler Stove is a multifunctonal stove as it is a fantastic centerpiece in any room but it can also warm your whole house with it's 8.3kW heat output it will heat a large room but at the same time can heat hot water for use in radiators or for your shower, with it's 83.9% energy efficiency you really get the most out of every piece of wood you put in. This stove is SIA Eco Design ready so it is ready to meet the new standards for emmisions by wood burners being set by the EU in 2022, with that this stove is eligable for our stove scrappage scheme. Heat output of 8.3kW. Room 3.4kW / 4.9kW Water split Energy efficiency of 83.9% SIA Ecodesign ready Eligible for our stove scrappage scheme
Only £2454.00

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