Portable LED decorative light Vessel

Brand: Smart&Green from Lights.co.uk
Portable and controllable by an app - LED decorative light Vessel The LED decorative light Vessel is a fantastic accessory and a versatile light source on the terrace, anywhere in the garden, when camping and in living spaces. It can be controlled manually via the switch in the base or by an app from a smartphone via Bluetooth. The body made of weather-resistant and UV-resistant plastic has a practical wooden handle. The light is operated by a battery and delivered with a charging station, to which it can easily be attached for charging. When the battery is fully charged, the lighting duration is approx. 24 hours (depending on the setting). If the light is operated manually, you can choose between six different colourful luminous colours and white light and set three lighting modes. When the light is operated from a smartphone or tablet, the Smart & Green app, which is available both for Apple and Android, must be downloaded via the app store or Google Play. If the app is installed, the lighting possibilities are virtually infinite. The functions include the selection of colours, various fast or slow colour changes, the colour temperature setting, the brightness setting, the selection of different lighting scenes through to the candlelight effect, in which the light flickers in each selected colour like the flame of a candle. Energy efficiency class:A+
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