Solar Technology International SolarMate TIBU001 12 Tibu Auto Movement Light 12 Pack

Brand: Solar Technology International from Machine Mart
The Tibu is a solar powered light designed for portable toilets or simple latrine blocks. Used on building sites, at festivals, outdoor events and in humanitarian situations such as refugee camps, the Tibu adds hygiene and safety in what can be at best a hazardous experience when it's dark!Using robust construction methods to withstand the tough environment a portaloo is used and transported in, the all-weather Tibu has a unique theft resistant lock preventing casual theft and its low-profile interior luminaire reduces the potential for vandalism.The light switches on automatically when the door of the latrine is opened, and it will remain illuminated until 90 seconds after the user has left the cubicle. The clever design only floods the back and sides of the portaloo and does not direct light into the eyes of the user, which can cause momentary disorientation.Powered by a large 3W solar panel, connected to a lithium battery, the Tibu has the capability of providing up to 240 light activations in anyone evening and will even provide reliable light during the UK winter months.The Tibu, once fitted, provides a completely waterproof installation. A standard 51mm hole will need to be cut in the roof (hole cutter not supplied) and the included rubber gaskets fit either side of the hole with the top of Tibu being locked in place by its unique lock nut – fitted on the inside.Once fitted, Tibu can be removed and the hole plugged with our optional waterproof bung.Each Tibu is supplied with: 1 x Tibu Light 1 x Lock nut 2 x Rubber gaskets 1 x 2 year global warranty
Only £339.00

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