TRAE Muse LED desk lamp 4 000 K aluminium

Brand: TRAE from
Flexible adjustable LED desk lamp Muse - round base and head Muse is an optically very attractively designed desk lamp, which is equipped with bright shining LEDs in the light colour universal white. The flexibility results from the special nature of the frame. Flexible elements are incorporated at two points, so that the height of the frame can be varied and the head of the luminaire can be individually aligned. This means that Muse can always be adjusted to the most comfortable position. Equipped with gesture control: To switch the light on or off, the hand is moved back and forth under the head of the lamp. To dim the brightness in four steps, simply hold the hand under the head until the desired brightness is reached. In terms of colour, the LED desk lamp Muse is designed in aluminium and is therefore completely neutral in relation to other interior colours. - incl. USB port Energy efficiency class:A+
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