Theben theRonda P360 110 M DALI UP presence white

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Presence and motion detector theRonda P360-110 DALI UP The theRonda P360-110 DALI UP passive infrared presence detector is DALI-2 certified and designed for installation in flush-mounted boxes on the ceiling. The round detection zone covers a radius of up to 25 metres at 360°. It is possible to extend the detection zone using master/slave or master/master circuits. A maximum of 10 detectors can be connected in parallel. The detection zone can be reduced using the cover clips included. The sensitivity of the sensor can also be varied. A basic setting is already set at the factory, so that the sensor is immediately ready for operation. theRonda P360-110 DALI is equipped with 1 light channel DALI-2 broadcast and DALI-2 technology according to IEC 62386 part 101 and 103. It can be operated fully or semi-automatically (switchable). The brightness switching value or setpoint is adjustable in lux. Teach-in of the brightness switching value or setpoint is possible via remote control (optional) or push-button. The room correction factor, i.e. automatic adjustment during brightness measurement, can be set. The preset values and settings can only be changed using one of the recommended remote controls available separately with the accessory: User Remote Control theSenda S, Service Remote Control theSenda P, App Remote Control theSenda B. The presence detector has a push-button input and it is possible to integrate a DALI relay. Further features: - conventional buttons for maximum design freedom - Switching or constant light control with stand-by function - Switching operation with dimmable lighting - adaptive 1-channel light measurement - Short-term presence - self-learning follow-up time - easy adjustment of the energy saving behaviour: eco/eco plus - Control speed selectable - manual override via remote control or button - Behaviour after button operation selectable (school/office) - Scenes adjustable - Test mode to check functions and detection range - Brightness setting range: 10 to 3,000 Lux, permanently on - Light run-on time adjustable: 10 s to 60 min - Standby time light: 0 s to 60 min/on - Standby brightness: 1 - 25 % - Switching output: DALI: guaranteed 100 mA, max. 250 mA, max. 64 DALI devices, basic insulation - max. wire cross-section: 2 x 2.5 mm² - Own consumption: 0.4 W - Size of flush box: Ø 55 mm (NIS, PMI) - Ambient temperature: - 15 °C to + 50 °C - Protection class: IP54 (built-in) - Mounting height: 2 to 15 m
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