Valiant Valiant FIR350 Remora Magnetic Flue Pipe Heat Powered Stove Fan

Brand: Valiant from Machine Mart
Based on Valiant's best-selling Premium 4 Stove Fan design, the Remora Flue Pipe Fan enables stove owners who don't have sufficient space above their stove to benefit from the warm air circulating effects of these fans. It might also be the case that your stove fan features a cool top or an irregular surface, in which case the Remora Flue Pipe Fan will also be the perfect solution for your home.Featuring a powerful magnetic clamp that can withstand temperatures over 400°c, the Remora can quickly and easily attach to almost any Flue Pipe (4-7") with magnetic attraction. Once in place, the Stove Fan will automatically kick in as soon as your Flue Pipe warms up. With a starting temperature as low as 50°C, the Remora will soon be distributing warm air silently and effortlessly throughout any living space in which it is situated.Stove fans are a fantastic innovation that can dramatically improve the warmth given out from your stove. Whilst your stove may look the part, it can take a while for it to warm up a room, especially a big room. Using a stove fan will heat the room up in a fraction of the time, and is a really easy way to maximise the warmth you get from your stove. A stove fan will also reduce the heat dependency from your stove thereby saving you money in the long term on fuel costs.Without a fan, a lot of heat generated by a stove is lost as the air rises directly vertically. However, a stove fan uses its blades to divert the warm air horizontally filling the whole room as opposed to the area directly between the stove and the ceiling.
Only £69.98

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