Wall Mounted Infrared Patio Heater with Remote Control and 2 Heat Settings

Brand: Pro Breeze from Pro Breeze
This Powerful Infrared Patio Heater from Pro Breeze features ultra-fast warming technology and two powerful heat modes including 1000W (1KW) Low and 2000W (2KW) high power mode. The extra-large tubular design provides a greater heating area than traditional gas heaters.This patio heater can be mounted to any outdoor wall or ceiling with installation instructions and all fixtures and fittings included. An easy-to-use remote control is included. IP65 Water Repellent Rated.Main Features: 2 Powerful Heat Modes (2KW/1KW) Extra-large Heating Area Wall or Ceiling Mountable Easy-to-use Remote Control Included Designed for outdoors - IP65 Water Repellent Rated All Fixtures and Fittings included
Only £47.99

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