Westinghouse Windsquare recessed ceiling fan

Windsquare innovative recessed ceiling fan, perfect for suspended ceilings The low design of the Windsquare recessed ceiling fan allows the convenient air freshener to be seamlessly installed in suspended ceilings. A frame for the adjustment of larger ceiling openings to the size of the appliance is optionally included. Functions The fan grid rotates by 360° and produces maximum cooling and an even distribution of the room air. Both forward and reverse mode can be set. LED bulbs in different colours on the recessed ceiling fan indicate the pre-set running time. Installation is easy: simply remove a ceiling panel and insert the fan. Remove a panel next to it to connect the three strands of the power cable to the lustre terminal. Then simply insert the removed panel again. The remote control provided comes with a wall mount. The required battery (1 x CR2025) can be ordered separately as an accessory. Comes with a timer - the fan can be set to run for two, four or six hours. Technical data Power consumption for each speed: - 39 watts at 920 rpm - 44 watts at 1130 rpm - 52 watts at 1250 rpm
Only £159.90

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