HIVE Active Heating Multizone

Brand: Hive from Currys PC World
Add-on for your Hive Active HeatingUpstairs too warm and downstairs too cold? If you already have more than one heating zone in your home, then the Hive Active Heating Multizone Thermostat is for you. Each thermostat lets you set a different temperature in each zone, so you only heat the parts of your home you're using.To get started you'll need a Hive Active Heating kit (sold separately), then you can add up to 2 Multizone Thermostats to control up to 3 zones.Control your heating at home or from your mobileWith the Hive Active Heating Multizone you can operate your heating at home with the wireless thermostat, or using your mobile, tablet or laptop. Control your hot water and central heating with just a few taps, even if you're at work, on public transport or out with friends.Helps to save money and energyBecause you only heat your home when necessary, the Hive Active Smart Thermostat helps to cut down on your energy bills, saving you money and making your home more eco-friendly.Works with your current heating systemYou won't have to get a new boiler, heating system or energy supplier - Hive Active Heating works with what you have installed. If you have a separate hot water tank, it lets you control this too.It connects to your broadband router to link the thermostat to the internet. The receiver allow your boiler and thermostat to communicate, and you'll hardly notice it's there since it's usually installed near your boiler.Fit heating and hot water control with your scheduleHave your home and water heated when you need it. Hive lets you turn your heating on or off, or adjust the level. Set between one and six heating time slots a day. The boost button lets you extend your heating outside your regular schedule - enjoy extra hot water for up to six hours.Geolocation sends reminders to your phone so you can remember to turn it on before you get in, or off when you leave the house. Enter vacation dates with Holiday mode to put your heating into sleep mode until you get back, so you can return to a warm house.To stop your pipes from freezing, Hive Active Heating will turn on should inside temperatures go below 7°C while the heating's off.__________________________________Please note: Hive Active Heating Multizone must be installed by a qualified professional - installation is not included in this kit. Requires Hive Hub (sold separately).
Only £95.00

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