Tecnolumen BookLight table lamp by Vincenz Warnke

Brand: Tecnolumen from Lights.co.uk
The BookLight LED table lamp Zac impresses with its unusal design Vincent Warnke's BookLight is definitely not a prototypical light from the manufacturer TECNOLUMEN. Most of the "typical" TECNOLUMEN lights are inspired by former design styles, primarily the Bauhaus style. And this light does not have much of the Bauhaus style. BookLight is much too playful and light-hearted - the body of the light consists of a semi-transparent plastic book. When switched on the outline of the LED bulb is visible on the front and back of the "book". A fabulous effect. The warm white LED light also shines forwards through the open pages of the "book". BookLight is ideal as a reading light thanks to its warm, soft lighting. The function is therefore represented by the form of the light. As with every other light from TECNOLUMEN, BookLight also has a manufacturer stamp to prove the authenticity of the light. Energy efficiency class:A++
Only £184.90

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